We are very proud to introduce an award-winning hair styling wax for men from The Natural Barber Co,
It was developed by Joe Mallory, who was the lead singer and guitarist in a touring rock band. Where he found during the performance, the heat would melt his hair wax running down into his eyes and sting him badly. He realized this was precisely the same thing that happened whenever he’d go the gym or play sport.
Trying loads of different products to find a solution, he finally decided to make his natural hair styling products that worked. Joe ended up making something that worked so well that people kept asking him for it. Working together with a manufacturer in the UK who help him to develop the formula further. In April 2019, he launched The Natural Barber Co., making hair styling products for healthier hair and a better environment.
We hope you enjoy this excellent product, which provides a wonderful finish and is available at our store!