Himecoto Shiro waki Hime Armpit Princess Soap

AED 65


Whitening care for delicate armpits .
Gently cares for clean skin after removing dark pigment with 15 types of plant extracts and skin-beautifying ingredients.
* Malic acid
* Mannan
* Bentonite
* Sodium hydrogen carbonate
* Vitamin, arbutin (all moisturizing ingredients)

Soap contains persimmon tannin, which is an antioxidant and moisturizing ingredient. It is also cleans up unpleasant odors which can appear with age
Soften old keratin with fruit acid to make it easier to remove.


Rub your armpits with a damp soap. After massaging for 3 to 5 seconds, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.




Ishiken base, mannan, bentonite, kakitannin, sulfuric acid (Al / K), ascorbic acid, yukinoshita extract, placenta extract, clara root extract, cha leaf extract, button extract, magwa root Skin extract, Benibana flower extract, Kuzu root extract, Arnica flower extract, Otorigisou flower / leaf / stem extract, Japanese sardine leaf / stem extract, Hamamelis leaf extract, grape leaf extract, marronnier extract, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, glycyrrhizin Acid 2K, o-Simen-5-ol, Arbutin, Na Hydrogen Carbonate, Glucose, Glycerin, Water, BG, DPG, Ethanol, Na Citrate, Glycine, Zinc Sulfate, PEG-75, Fragrance, Ethidroic Acid, EDTA-4Na , Titanium oxide

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