Curel Shampoo & Conditioner Mini Set

AED 40

shampoo 45ml

conditioner 45ml


Curel Intensive Moisture Care Sculp&Hair series is designed fro sensitive sculp with problems like dandruff, itchiness and dryness.

・Contains mild cleansing ingredients that minimise skin irritation to wash away sebum      and dirt while protecting the scalp's moisture.
・Leaves hair smooth with no dryness or stiffness, so you can run your fingers through        easily
・So gentle, it can also be used on babies.


・Mild formula minimises irritation to the scalp and skin.
・Penetrates deeply into each hair strand that is dry and rough, while treating the scalp.
・Leaves hair smooth and shiny, so you can run your fingers through easily.
・Rinses off cleanly with minimal residue on the skin.





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