premium cream

AED 348

Based on a unique high-density crystal structure, it contains plant-derived cell extracts, advanced hyaluronic acid that gives the skin firmness and transparency.

Enriched with beauty ingredients, it softly envelops your skin, making it even more beautiful.

Hyaluronic Acid Dimethylsilanol
Evolutionary hyaluronic acid that is a fusion of silicon derivatives and hyaluronic acid.
Silicon, which is abundant in baby skin, keeps the skin plump and decreases with age.
Mandarin orange peel extract
It is expected to increase the transparency of the stratum corneum, improve the brightness of the skin, and improve the skin barrier function.
Pomegranate peel extract
It is expected to inhibit collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen, keeping the skin firm and preventing aging.

Customer Reviews

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Elena Richards
Amazing quality from Japan!

Never tried this Japanese brand before and now I’m addicted to it. Design of the containers is just a masterpiece!

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