Fancl Multivitamins For Women in their 40 30 Days

AED 230
  • Good Choice 40+ supplements the essential daily nutrients that a woman in her 40s needs.

  • Not only does it strengthen your body, increase your stamina, protect your eyes and bones, and keep blood flow healthy, it is also added with Soyasaponin, Milk Thistle and HTC Collagen, offering anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

  • Benefit: Women 40+ offers more than 30 body-strengthening nutrients that every woman in their 40s needs, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that keep your blood fresh and clean.

  • It also contains ingredients which help improve vision and nourish your skin, offering a comprehensive protection for your health.


    How to eat:
  • 1 pack daily, take after meals

Vitamin B&C
Basic vitamins that cannot be stored in the body
Triple minerals & lactic acid bacteria & carotene
Replenishes nutrients that tend to be lacking in food
Coenzyme Q10
Approaches energy and rust, and helps you look youthful
Blueberry & Lutein
Rich in anthocyanins. For the health of modern people
Nattokinase & Vitamin E & Hihatsu
Approach the clear sights
Soybean saponin & milk thistle
For a shiny and beautiful day
HTC Collagen
Collagen unique to FANCL, which focuses on “absorption”


Main Ingredients per sachet
Vitamin A: 459μg, Vitamin D: 2.0μg, Vitamin E: 75.0mg, Vitamin B1: 13.3mg, Vitamin B2: 10.0mg, Niacin: 5.0mg, Vitamin B6: 13.3mg, Folic acid: 67μg, Vitamin B12: 50.0μg, Biotin: 167μg, Pantothenic acid: 10.0 mg, vitamin C: 100 mg, calcium: 60 mg, magnesium: 30 mg, zinc: 1.0 mg, inositol: 17 mg, vitamin P (hesperidin): 1.6 mg, wisteria tea polyphenol: 0.5 mg, vegetable lactic acid bacteria: 500 million, polyglutamic acid: 1 mg, beta-carotene: 318μg, HTC collagen (collagen peptide with high tripeptide content): 208mg, soy saponin: 16.7mg, Maria thistle extract: 77mg (silybin: 23mg), coenzyme Q10: 30mg, r-tocopherol: 50mg, total tocotrienols: 1 .5mg, Bacillus subtilis natto cultured extract: 500μg, Phellinus linteus extract: 500μg, Anthocyanin from bilberry: 21.6mg, Lutein: 0.5mg

Soybeans, gelatin

Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are a child. This is a temporary condition caused by vitamin B2 and is nothing to worry about.

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