Fancl Multivitamins For Men i their 40s

AED 195

Fancl Multivitamin for Men 40 is specially designed for men in their 40s.

This comprehensive supplement promotes the endurance and physical strength of men in their 40s and provides additional essential supplements to support their health.

Vitamin B&C
Basic vitamins that cannot be stored in the body
Triple minerals & lactic acid bacteria & carotene
Replenishes nutrients that tend to be lacking in food
Coenzyme Q10
Supports energetic and active daily life and helps maintain youthfulness
Blueberry & Lutein
Rich in anthocyanins. For the health of modern people
Nattokinase & Vitamin E & Hihatsu
On a clear tour
For daily relaxation. Featured ingredients
maca & zinc
Supporting men's vitality with the power of herbs


1-2 packs daily, take after meals.



[Main ingredients/per bag]

Vitamin A: 459μg, vitamin D: 2.0μg, vitamin E: 75.0mg, vitamin B1: 13.3mg, vitamin B2: 10.0mg, niacin: 5.0mg, vitamin B6: 13.3mg, folic acid: 67μg, vitamin B12: 50.0μg, Biotin: 167μg, pantothenic acid: 10.0mg, vitamin C: 100mg, calcium: 60mg, magnesium: 30mg, selenium: 2.4μg, zinc: 1.4mg, inositol: 17mg, vitamin P (hesperidin): 1.6mg, wisteria tea Polyphenol: 0.5mg, vegetable lactic acid bacteria: 500 million, polyglutamic acid: 1mg, beta carotene: 318μg, r-aminobutyric acid (GABA): 14mg, coenzyme Q10: 33mg, r-tocopherol: 50mg, total tocotrienol: 1.5mg, Bacillus natto culture extract powder: 500μg, Hihatsu extract powder: 500μg, Bilberry-derived anthocyanin: 21.6mg, Lutein: 0.5mg, Maca extract powder: 125mg (Benzyl glucosinolate: 0.5mg)

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