SPA TREATMENT has Strech eye sheet exosome

AED 285

60 pcs.

Transform your eye area with our SPA TREATMENT's Stretch eye sheet exosome. This Japanese bestseller is infused with exosomes, known for their anti-aging benefits, for a rejuvenated appearance. Expertly formulated, our eye patches are designed to reduce the signs of aging and leave your skin looking youthful and refreshed.

The HAS Stretch i-Sheet sheet mask, which has been popular since its release, has evolved and is now available.
A sheet-type mask for partial care that provides firmness and moisture to the eyes and mouth, which are prone to dry wrinkles and expression wrinkles. 

■60 sheets/Stretch i-sheet 

<Special care every day with plenty of serum>
Contains 60 pieces that will give you thorough care every day for about a month even if you use 2 pieces a day. The 60 sheets are impregnated with 110mL of serum, and each sheet is soaked with plenty of serum.

<Hardness and shine ingredients for the eye area and nasolabial folds>
Stretch i-sheet's common ingredients "Shin-Ake™" *1 and "Shin-Kol™" *2 are effective for the eye area and areas where signs of age *3 tend to appear. Increases the firmness and shine of fine lines.

Use 2 sheets at a time, enough for 30 times. Eye care is easy to continue even on a daily basis.

[How to use]

Please use it when you are concerned about the condition of your skin, such as around the eyes and mouth.
The stretchy sheet adheres closely to the skin and moisturizes it, creating firm and toned skin.
1. After washing your face, use after conditioning your skin with lotion or milky lotion.
2. Take out the sheets one by one with the included tweezers.
3. First, place it under your eyes and hold it in place with one hand.
4. Next, use your other hand to slowly pull up the outer corner of the sheet with moderate force and apply it.
5. Remove the sheet after leaving it for about 10 minutes.
6. Use your fingertips to apply the essence remaining on your skin without wiping it off.
If you use cream, please use it after that.

*Can also be used around the mouth. In that case, do not pull the knob part, and put the sheet directly above the nasolabial fold.

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