VT Reedle Shot 300

AED 160


VT's proprietary micro-needle-shaped ingredient, composed of silica, one of nature's minerals, is purified, vacuumed, and awakened within the skin by the Physical Derma Delivery System.
The thin CICA reedle packed into the formula delicately delivers a small amount to all areas of the face for quick, low-irritation care.
However, it shows a 72-hour change in skin texture.
The ingredients, in the form of microneedles smaller than pores, are absorbed by desensitized skin and stimulate it to improve its condition.
Clinically tested to deliver deeper, faster, more felt absorption.

Reedle Shot 300 is also effective as spot treatments. Smoothens and Refines Skin Texture: Helps achieve a more even and refined skin complexion, diminishing acne scars, treating pustules, and reducing pigmentation and nasolabial folds

  • The Reedle 50 version contains 38,000 cica reedles and is perfect for daily care.
  • The Reedle 100 version contains 95,000 cica reedles and is perfect for daily care.
  • The Reedle 300 version contains 237,500 cica reedles and can be used every 3 days.
  • The Reedle 700 version contains 570,000 cica reedles and is to be used as part of an intensive routine, once a week.



  • A skin treatment product that penetrates into the deep part of the skin.


  • Uses ingredients which are in microneedle form, provide better absorption and effectiveness.


  • Contains Centella Asiatica Extract and small molecule Hyaluronic Acid, effective in moisturization and skin protection.


  • Passes skin patch test, it is normal to feel a slight tingling.

How to use:


  • During night skincare routine, after washing your face, spread proper amount evenly and massage until absorbed.


  • Reedle shot 300 can be used every 3 days, but do not use with reedle shot 100 and 700 at the same time.


  • Do not use with a device and after receiving cosmetic procedures, stop use when irritation occurs.


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